About Darrell

Hey, I’m Darrell! I was born in Wandsworth in London and I’ve been a Tattoo artist for around 10 years. I’ve worked in various studios in and around the Greater London and Surrey area.

I’m always striving to develop my own style soaking up hours of Sci-fi/ Horror movies, Graphic novels and Mythology as forms of inspiration. I love working on collaborations and recently designed a graphic for UK Skateboarding company ‘Death Skateboards‘ which was sold worldwide.

In such a saturated and competitive industry, I pride myself on making my designs as original as I can.  I try to draw up each individual piece from scratch so the customer gets a one-off piece that is not just taken from google images and then slapped onto their skin.

Working in this way has helped me improve my Artwork and given me a versatile edge to my tattooing. Each one is very different from the last.


My work is a custom dark illustrative, graphic style. I specialise in blackwork, black and grey but I love working with colour, oriental, geometric, and dotwork styles too.


As well as tattoos, I create bespoke blackwork and greyscale illustrations – if you’d like one of these created for you as a print, then simply let me know!


Leave the tattoo dressing on for minimum of 6 hours or overnight. Carefully remove the cling film and wash or shower (bathing is not recommended) with soapy water and rinse off fully. Let the tattoo dry naturally without using a towel.

Do not re-cover the tattoo with cling film or any other bandage once it has been removed.

The Tattoo will take three to four weeks to fully heal, so repeat the process until then. It is very important not to pick at, scratch or rub the tattoo during the healing process. Doing this will cause damage to the tattoo and you could lose ink from that area. Remember the less you touch your new tattoo the better it will heal.

I recommend the ‘Tattoo Goo’ brand of special tattoo cream only. I do not recommend Bepanthen as it is too thick to spread and could rub off a scab prematurely. Apply a thin layer of Tattoo Goo twice a day.

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